The Surgery

on the 6th of November, I went for a LASIK surgery. Due to some issues of my eyes, doctor advised me to get it done ASAP. So, arrangements were made. It’s on a Thursday. The surgery took less than 30 minutes, but in between some small error occurred so mine was a little longer than the other patients. My recovery is slow, it’s been 2 weeks now, my right eye’s vision is perfectly clear while my left is still a little blur. Doc said it will take some time. Hope everything will be ok.

Before surgery at home
This was taken at home before mum sent me to the clinic
Before the surgery after dripping (nervous face)
aftr better
After the surgery, eye swollen + can’t take in bright sun light, very very sensitive. Had to put on shades

At night, eye still swollen. In fact, it did not subside. The next day had to return for checking and doctor suggests that I am sensitive with one of the drippings. So had to change another eye drop.
At night before sleep, I have to put this on to prevent dust from going in & the possibility of me scratching / rubbing it when I am asleep.

Still trying to get used to the life without glasses even though now and then, I still push my nose or look for my glasses whenever I wake up in the morning. Will need to get back to check if my eyes is fully clear during the next appointment.


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