A new road in my career path

It’s been a while, not much time to blog due to family issues, job change and house moving.

So I left GHC Media on the 28th of February 2014 and started at UBM Malaysia with Design Executive position.
Will probably be handling less of CF related stuff and let the anal ones get it done.

Here’s a snapshot of my new working environment, with loads of personal space.

Will write more soon, I promise.

Recently something happened. A plane from my country went missing, for more than 4 days now. I have not been feeling in the best of my health, worrying about passengers and crews of the plane, feeling helpless and useless that I couldn’t help at all. All I can do now is to pray for the plane to be found quickly. Thank you world, for helping out with the search. We are a puny country, and I am ashamed of my government, but this incident might also prove and show the world how ugly it is. Dear god, please help us locate MH370 soon.



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