Missing you Tuna

Missing you Tuna

I’m lying if I told you that I am ok.
I didn’t know what to do but to call for help, I could only watch you lie there while I rush you to ER. I am so sorry I couldn’t bring you back.

It was love at first sight, when I adopted you home. You changed my life, always here for me.

The quiet night haunts me now that your voice is no longer heard.
I am really sorry for not being a good owner, I could have done better so that you didn’t have to leave, this didn’t have happened, and you, continue to run around pestering me while I clean your cage, you barking at me every morning when I head off to work.

Waiting for my return patiently every night.
I wished you didn’t need to go…

R.I.P. Tuna, I waited whole night for your return, to tell me it was a prank.
I am fragile, and it hurt so bad standing there starring at the doc trying to revive you while I can only sob. I miss you


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