Happy to finally meet my idol

Due to the amount of work, I couldn’t spare time to meet my idol Stayxxxx, but thank god, she agreed to meet up with me before her flight back to Taiwan.

I was so nervous when she came down, I said hi and we started exchange coscards. She even signed hers and gave it to me. Then she took out her phone and requested a selca together >_<// sorry I am in a fangirl mode now. For someone like her to want a pic with me in her phone, you don’t know how wonderful that feels. I took mine out as well :3 and then, I requested some polaroid shots, and I gave her one copy.

Everything happened so quick that she had to leave after a while. She gave me a really long warm hug and said if you ever come to Taipei, let’s meet up again :3 and I told her I will look for her if I go Taiwan.

Yay, I am a happy satisfied fan. kthxbye


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