10.11.12 : My Car Accident, how it happened (Part 2)

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When I just dozed off, someone knocked on the door, I woke up, it was 5.00am, a man came in mopping the floor, cleaned the toilet and went out. 
At 6.00am, nurse came in and gave me English papers, 
at 7.00am, breakfast is served, 
at 8.00am, nurse came in to check on pressure and body temperature again… 
at 9.00am, doctor came in, told me about the report, no internal injury, all outer body muscle pain, blue black
at 10.00am+, June came and visit, we had a long chat and she left around 1 if not mistaken.
at 1.00pm, parents came, hang out a while, discussed some stuff, then my dad’s 2nd & 4th sisters (my aunt) came to visit. Told them what happened, they stayed for quite a while… then I asked parents to go home and get more rest since I am sure, they didn’t sleep much. 

Received a lot of get well wishes in Facebook, text sms, whatsapp, calls. Big brother called from Australia, 2nd bro texted me, 3rd bro called parents haha… I am thankful for all of the wishes. 

At night, Neo came and visit, brought a huge bag of fruits =..= *dude, you are crazy… 

I gave mom and asked her to bring it back when they came to vist at night. But I kept the box of Rilakuma biscuits with me hehe… I watched the television the whole night, couldn’t really sleep, but I was really tired. Real real tired. I think, I slept around 2.00am… 

and the best part starts here… 
I woke up around 5.00 am, wanted to pee, but I was so hopeless, I couldn’t get up. Every time I moved, it was so painful. I can’t move my nec, I can’t pull myself up. I used the moving bed, controlled the bed to fold up. D: I cried, I really did. It’s so unbearable… doctor came in to check, I told him what happened and he immediately asked me to starve for few hours to go for ultrasound check. I did, and when mom came (was expecting to be discharged) she waited with me until nurse came and bring me down. 

At the ultrasound room, nurse thought I fell from a bike seeing the bruise… I told her what happened and she said “Wow, you are such a lucky girl, really lucky”. I agreed, I really am. I survived the whole thing. My car saved me, a lot of people prayed for me. I am really happy, and glad to still be blogging about it here… 

Doctor said I can’t be discharged, that I have to stay for another night, to make sure I have no other pains popping out again the following day. So I did, and mom went home around 4.00pm after I got back from Ultrasound check… 

I was starving already, cause I did not eat the whole day, appetite wasn’t good but I still ate every meal, I lost 2kg in such short time. My mom’s sisters and brother came (My aunt and uncle) to visit at night, parents came too after that, mom brought Soup! That’s like the best part of the whole dinner 8D They stayed and chat for quite long, and every one left by 10.00pm. June came after that, with her friend. They stayed for a while and chatted, and left after that, leaving me alone again, watching TV. I am very tired that day, as I didn’t sleep much for the past 2 days, so I slept without remembering when I dozed off watching TV, and I was waken up by the nurse around 5.00am again, for injection. 

The same routine, happened, and doctor told me I could be discharged and to rest at home. I was happy of course, but the process took a while. Dad didn’t come that day, he was busy settling the car with Insurance guy Mr Ng, and going around researching on 2nd hand cars and new cars. Comparing price. I didn’t know what his intentions were, so I did not bother asking. I was discharged around 12.00ish? Went home, and waited for dad to return. He told me about what he found out and we agreed on getting a new car. 

Around 3.00pm, dad drove me and mom to Station 18, there’s a Chinese Traditional Dr there, Dr Tan, I did not take any of my pills given by hospital, as I have allergy towards foreign medication, I could only take chinese medication. He said I am very weak, for the first time in so many years, my blood pressure was low. He can’t do anything that day, so I can only take herbs, medication for 4 days to see whether my “Qi” is recovered. After that we went home… 

Sorry I stopped, but I am better now after so long, the company denies in paying me back for my injury/medical fees, they claimed that they will only be responsible for my car loss (which cost very little). I asked myself when I heard the news, I should have died, or should I run into anyone of you from the agency, so that you would feel what I am feeling now? After all I have been through, and after all of the money spent, (unnecessary money), including getting a new car, selling all my trust funds, I am so depressed. I seek for help. And I was heard. A YB offered to help me out, but this will take a while. He will be helping me to sue the agency, so much for not wanting to pay for my medical fee, now you will need to pay even more, for wasting my time, giving me trauma. But I will update again soon. Please bear with my updates. I’m busy with work now, so I wouldn’t write much. Thank you for your time :))


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