10.11.12 : My Car Accident, how it happened (Part 1)

I stopped blogging and went missing for a while… I’ve just got back to work on the 27th November. Stayed in bed for more than 2 weeks, resting and hibernating at home. I met with an accident on the 10th of November 2012.

Initially I applied leave for 12th and 14th cause on 13th and 15th, it’s a Public Holiday. Thought of doing so to have a longer stay at home, back in Ipoh. So after half day of work on Saturday, 10th of November 2012, I went and meet Audrey to pick up some stuff for costume back at home. Then, I head off to the highway. When I was around Sungai Besi, there’s heavy rain and jam, so I stopped at the rest area to use the washroom and have lunch. I rested for around 30 minutes, the jam wasn’t that bad after that, so I headed back on road. 

Everything seemed well, the rain comes and goes in certain areas, I drove really slowly that day, my max was 100km/h. Rain stopped around Bidor area, but it started to jam up, so I slowed down, freed my gear and stepped on the brakes. (I’m obviously driving a manual haha… ). 

The next second, I was lying down. My seat fell back. Vision was blur… I got up, wondering why my shoes are off. Without thinking much, I took my shoes and put them on. I have a little headache that time, the right back of my head was swollen. I couldn’t see. My vision was blur, but I could see my front car bonnet folded up. In my mind, “Shit, I hit someone… but I thought I stopped and freed my gear?”. Fuck, I can’t see… TT___TT, luckily my phone was still attached to the USB cable that I am charging, I pulled the cable and found my phone. I immediately called mom. Told mom I hit someone, and I technically got nagged in the phone for being so careless, but I told her I will call her back later, let me settle myself here, and I hung up.

I continued search for my glasses, and suddenly my door was opened. A malay guy came and asked “awak ok ke?”, (Are you ok?), I replied “ya, ok, boleh tolong cari cermin mata? Saya tak nampak” (Yeah, Ok, could you help me find my glasses? I can’t see). Then he and I continue searching, I was digging through the stuff, and I found it. It was somewhere at the back seat, broken frame though. So I put it on and I was in shock, I saw my car, facing the opposite direction of the side that I was coming from. And I saw, my whole boot area is folded into my back seat, only my side was fine. The car is like a junk now. My heart sank, but I was still blur, I didn’t react much. I called my parents immediately. 

My Car, facing the other direction

Left side badly damaged

I told mom, I did hit someone, but I was hit first, by a Bus, a Double Deck. But I am fine, I have no cuts, I just have headache. Mom panicked, dad kept calling, I stopped them from coming down, I settled it myself by the help from parents through phone. Bargained and got a price of RM280 from RM350 for toll truck to drag my car to Tapah to launch a report. I hopped into the truck and he drove me there. Halfway, my car fell of the hook, the guy said there’s no way to drag it back to Ipoh, as the car is too damaged. He could only slowly drag it to Tapah. Oh I forgot, accident was around 5.00pm, by the time the toll truck was dragging my car, it was around 6.30pm. So he stopped at the nearest rest area, and added 2 more hooks on both left and right side of the car. And we headed back on road. 

Once we reached Tapah, he called a friend of his who is already waiting there for us, to jack and carry the whole car home later after I reported. This guy offered RM300 from Tapah to Ipoh, I have no choice, so I accepted the offer. 

Police said we have to report according to the order. So first car, Toyota Camry with a little scratch on their bumper reported. A car with 3 adults and 2 children were on their way to Kampar for their cousin’s wedding. Had to cancel heading there as it might take some time… 

Second car, Myvi drove by a fresh P licence indian girl, was sobbing all the way. Her front and Back big mirror cracked. Not sure how it happened, she wasn’t injured, heading back to Sitiawan if not mistaken. 

Third car, my car, with the most damages… after reporting, I gave my report to the Sargent and left. It was already 10+ at night… my headache got worse, I almost dozed off few times or felt like fainting actually but I was so scared that I would never wake up again so I forced myself to stay awake and kept talking to the driver…. He drove really slowly, we finally reached home at 11+. He waited for me while I went in to pee, first I saw was mom, she was as pale as a ghost… her face was so terrified when she saw the car, I hugged her, almost wanted to cry and told her “thank god mom, I am alive”. And I hugged dad. My uncle and cousin was here, waiting with boxes in the car, to pick up the stuffs in my car later when we send it to the junk yard. Dad can’t drive at night, can’t really see due to old age, mom, I don’t think she still have the energy to drive. 

So we hopped in my cousin’s car, and we led the way to the junkyard while the toll truck followed. Once the car is put at the junkyard, dad paid the balance to the toll trucker while we were getting all the stuff in the car and transferred it into my cousin’s car. My boot was stucked, 3 guys there took metal sticks and tried to get it open. All the things in the boot was badly damaged, printer, noodles, boxes of papers, newspapers, from my previous working place… I didn’t look much, I just felt so painful and sad. Then we went home….

Seeing my car for the last time before leaving it there…

After dropping all the stuff at home, cousin took me to Pantai Hospital, Ipoh. It was already midnight. The doctor called me in immediately, and checked me up. She quickly sent me in for a MRI scan for my head. Thank god, it was nothing serious, just some bruise on the outer skin. Doctor advised me to get admitted for further check ups and for claiming purposes as the charges would be doubled since it’s already midnight. Then, they called Dr Kew in, an Orthopaedic Specialist. He came in after 20 minutes. While waiting for him to come, I asked my parents to go home and rest, cause it’s already almost 2.00am in the morning. So they left, I told them I will call if there’s anything… so they left. 

I waited and Dr Kew came to me and asked me into the clinic, the examined me, touched every part of my head slowly, to my stomach. I yelled. There was a very sharp pain around my ribs, he pulled of my shirt, to see a palm sized purple bruise. Se sent me for X-Ray immediately. After the X-Ray, I was sent up to my room while doctor went home. It’s already 3.00am in the morning that time. I got a single room. All to myself since the insurance allow room usages up to RM200 per day, the single room cost RM160. It’s my first time, I was nervous and I didn’t know what was coming. 

Shio called, we talked for a while, nurse came in with a plastic tupperware like on her hand, she told me she had to put the needle on me to inject in medicine. I have not gotten injected at that section so I was nervous, Shio distracted me in the phone while I was stupid enough to look through the whole process of the nurse poking it in. It wasn’t that bad, just that the needle was long… I can’t take painkillers, she only gave me Anesthetic to reduce the pain in my body. 

Pu-Tao accompanying me through the stay…

After that, another nurse came in to check my pressure and body temperature. Then, another came in and gave me a sheet for menu order for tomorrow, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I settled down then, I didn’t want to change into the hospital wear, so I wore whatever I was wearing and lay in bed. My phone was with me all the time, I charged my phone as it’s only left like 1%, took out “Pu Tao” my elephant plush, from my bag and tried to sleep… Obviously I couldn’t sleep. I tried to remember how it happened… until I dozed off. 

*Will continue more later with Part 2, I gotta go off 


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