me again

I’ve been blogging more often lately, well actually, very often 😛 

My emotions are up and down, like an unstable person, but I am getting there, I am getting back up every time I fell, where I fell. I’m sure each of the experience gives me the strength to be stronger and bolder. To be a better person. I believe… 

I tend to go to the very negative path, sometimes, but do not worry, I will be back on track once it’s over. It always happens, I tend to go very narrow, to committing suicides, etc when it’s very critical. Some of you might have seen it happen 2 years back, but I can assure you, that was what I thought when the pain in the heart is killing me, only physical pain can stop it. I don’t have a choice. No, actually, I am not giving myself other options. I guess, I am one selfish person as well. 

I don’t expect people to understand me, I don’t expect to receive acknowledgement for things that I do, i just want someone to listen to what I share, that’s all. That’s all I ask, nothing else, nothing more. 😦 

Are you hearing me out ? 

Or I am back alone grumbling to myself . . . ?

I don’t know . . . . I don’t seem to find sharing helps make me relief or happier anymore, I fear of sharing now, as I do not know, whether or not, people are listening, or just letting me express myself for the sake of not wanting to see an emo bitch like me, appearing on their wall. Well, I thank you for your effort. At least… you are doing something~


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