I’m still here~

It’s been a while, no, actually very long since I last posted here. I’ve been well, still busy with things…

And I have left my job 2 months back and started in a new environment. I’m happy here, people are all very nice, and they are very happy go lucky people. When they work, they are all so professional and disciplined. I really admire everyone here. I know it’s stupid, but the reason me and another girl, Kivi was hired, of course it’s because someone is leaving…. her name is Soh Meng. I don’t want her to leave actually, she’s really nice to us. Taught us a lot of things. You don’t meet this kind of colleague everywhere 😦

Just a short update, I’m in GHC Media (Golden Hope Communication). And I hope I will go through my probation smoothly. Cheers my friends… I will update again soon^^

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