Comic Fiesta 2011 is over 15,000 !!!

Yes, the title says it all… I apologize on behalf of Comic Fiesta as the Head of HR committee. What happened in Day 1, was a big surprise and hit for us too. We did not know the management would do that and as I have promised some of my friends, we will get it solved for Day 2. Thank you all for not giving up on us and returned again in Day 2 after the drastic Day 1. Some were locked in, some were locked out. Thank you and sorry again…

Here’s a very short report, I was really busy, didn’t have much photos, but just share a little of mine with you people 🙂

This is me in Day 1. Guess, I am the one on the left, or the Pixelated head? 😛

I spent most of my time in this booth and also walking around~

This is me in Day 2

Cosplaying Baskin Robins character, my flavor is Mango Tango!

Here’s a group shot of us!! (the ones who arrived, some were missing)

Shio : Splish Splash
Lavena : Choco Chip Cookie Dough
Me : Mango Tango
Aiko : Cotton Candy
Hukoyee : Jamoca Almiond Fudge
Ying Tze : Strawberry Milk

Before the event started, we had a few shots (pic by Adelle)
Shio’s flavor was Splish Splash

Later after that, we bumped into Raz, thank you for the shot

and this one also

Here’s a camwhore of me and Xan

A pic with Beat (if you realize, I changed to Vanness cosplay from Lawak Kampus)

A group shot with Ashley & Nyuu

Sorry for the inconsistent picture… some are dark, some are bright, I took it directly without editing…

2 days before CF, my company had a retreat at Lexis, Port Dickson, I have no choice, everyone must go, so I couldn’t skip the trip, but tried to enjoy myself there, while worrying late night about CF. I didn’t get much sleep from 14th December until 18th December… Right after CF ended, I died, until the next day… 19th, I skipped work, couldn’t wake up, was down with terrible sore throat, swollen eyes, flu and lots of flam… I feel better now of course… back to work as usual, but yeah, I have never felt this tired before… I will post more once I have gotten more pictures from friends. I will stop here for now. Thanks again for your time, I hope you all had a great time in CF2011. I hope we can do better in 2012. There will definitely be good and bad critiques, of course, those are not avoidable, but as normal human beings, seeing bad comments, sure hurt your heart into your soul. Oh well, gambaremasu!!~


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