Shiomaru ~ A Tribute Album [SHIO YEE]

Good day to you!
I am here to promote a dear friend of mine’s Album. Well, I think she deserves this, she worked so hard, and she’s so awesome. Don’t you all agree? Well I don’t care whether you agree or not, I do. Who am I talking about?

or some people might know her form her youtube name which is TaintedCodeQSY or SHIO YEE

picture credits to Ordinary Light Photography

Well, if you don’t know about this girl, you better know it now.
If you are a Anime/Manga fan, cause she write tributes to Animes that she watched, and liked. Of course, not all, mainly those that she has feelings, she will write a song tribute to those anime.

Some example of the famous ones are:

Yes Your Highness, a tribute to Lelouch from the series Code Geass

Come To Me, a tribute to Kuroshitsuji Season 1

And more…
so, she’s producing her own album now, 8 tracks. All self recorded. Isn’t she awesome?
It comes with a booklet in it. And the even more awesome part is, kiDChan offered to do the Album cover for her!!

here’s the art:

Picture credits to : kiDChan’s Deviantart

Isn’t this cool? 2 awesome people collaborate into one Awesome Album! Pre-order started 3 days ago, and the response was… really really awesome.

Hope you don’t miss your chance to grab a copy for yourself cause there will not be anymore reproduction or can we say, this is Limited Edition only~.
If you need more information, you can check out this LINK : Pre-Order, payment methods

Or you can follow the Fan Page at

I’m done sharing this, hope you will share it out too 😀
And I realized this post is FULL OF AWESOMENESS!!


16 DAYS LEFT !!!


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