Confusion towards what Cosplay is…

As the community is slowly growing larger, one big problem that I realized is that Otakus doesn’t know / can’t differentiate Cosplay and Maid Costumes / Gothic / J Rock Punk… It’s even sad to find out Cosplayers themselves don’t know it.

Why do you Cosplay in the first place? Is it because of the trend? You saw costumes you like and you want to wear them? Or is it because of your passion, and love towards that character, and you want to bring them to life by cosplaying those characters?

This, is Cosplay

This is NOT Cosplay

Hentai Jiji(s) or you can call them extreme otaku nowadays, will go hyped up and high, when they see cute girls in Maid outfits, it’s just a dress you know? =_=|| Don’t categorize them into Cosplay, it’s not, frankly speaking… unless, that character in the Anime/Manga, is a maid… or that series, is all about maids, girls in maid costumes which is very, very very very, very rare…

So girls, or boys, if you want to troll, or make fun out of yourself, it’s up to you… no one said you can’t, but please, don’t go around telling people your Maid outfit is part of your cosplay as a certain character, but it’s actually not. Well, most of them would just say, I am doing this certain character, in Maid outfit, can I? Well, you are free to do so, no one is stopping you, I just don’t want more people to get the wrong idea… those are not part of Cosplay 😦

I did not intend to offend anyone, just writing this out to those who don’t know, and also for new cosplayers, otaku, and yet to be people who plans to know more or are interested in this community… for more info, you can read them HERE




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