Heavy traffic… & CF2011 Updates (Cosplay Guideline & more)

For the past few days, my blog have been suddenly flooded by 1000+ visitors in one day… and after checking my traffic feed, mostly was on the recent thread I posted on regards of “Things you should know, for new cosplayers”.

Thank you for reading, for dropping by. For all the hits. I am glad that there are people who spend time reading my post. I am sorry for the lousy English, but I really do appreciate your time on dropping by.

Many friends asked, whether or not I was attending AFA, I am sorry, I have never, been to AFA, and am not planning to in the future as well. No offense ok, this is just my thought, I don’t really think going to AFA is worth, of course, meeting friends from around the globe is definitely priceless, but what I meant was, the money spent. Everything there, is charged in SGD, which is double or little bit more when converted from my country’s currency. I don’t think it’s worth spending. And I am not really the type that gets attracted over because some celebrity or famous cosplayers are going.

I just attend Cosfest every year. My definite once a year visit to Singapore. And other than that, I don’t, and hav not visited other county’s conventions. Which, I am looking forward and planning to in future… Other than that, I mostly spend time handling & attending events in my own country 😀

All right, sorry for the sudden activeness, I just felt like blogging again. I am sorry for the mass updates :P. Here’s a little update on the upcoming event which I am a part of, Comic Fiesta 2011. Have you bought your tickets? Retail, or mock tickets? If not, your last chance would be at Gempak 100% event next Saturday on the 26th November 2011 at Sungei Wang… Mock tickets are RM25 per tickets which includes (exchanging 2 day ticket during CF day). And also retail, you can get and check them up HERE

If you miss all these, you will lose the RM5 promotion and have to queue the looooooooonnnnnggggg queue during CF day itself.

For cosplayer friends, how’s your costume doing? Do organize your time properly and make sure your costumes are done earlier, not to put it to rush a night before CF, you’ll end up looking like a zombie during CF, sucks when you are so tired, but you have a big group plan with friends. Definitely need a lot of patching up in makeup… LOL

My costume is done, for Day 2. I have no plans yet, what to do on Day 1. Sighs… but of well, I am really looking forward to Day 2’s group :D. I will post up photos soon, on my costume. We’ll be able to share more with everyone.

If you are worried about the rules in KLCC, for photography and all, here’s a COSPLAY GUIDELINE page to help you out. Please read it through before going there, so that you know your part on what to do, or where to go during the day…

Here are some links, that might help you out or might interest you…
For Ticketing information on Comic Fiesta 2011, (click on the image below)

For information on Comic Fiesta 2011’s Cosplay Competition, (click on the image below)

For information on Comic Fiesta 2011 Side Quest, (click on the image below)

For information on getting transports to Comic Fiesta 2011, (click on the image below)

For information on where you can park when you go to Comic Fiesta 2011, (click on the image below)

For information on Volunteers Recruitment for Comic Fiesta 2011, (click on the image below)

and lastly,
Comic Fiesta 2011 100 days countdown, (click on the image below)





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