Things you should know , for new cosplayers (amended Malaysia version)

Source: Cosplay in America
amended to suite the Malaysian cosplay community

Things you should know , for new cosplayers

credits picture: Behindinfinity @ DA

1. Cosplay is not really an expensive hobby. Depends whether you want to put your cash in, or your heart in. If you sew it on your own, you can pretty much consider it as a low budget artistic hobby…

That’s my opinion of course, cause only rich cosplayers who doesn’t make the effort to even learn or try to sew will fork out the money to order readymade costumes. That will definitely cost you a lot…

A good wig nowadays, you can get it nicely from Taobao or other sellers in local forums… price range from RM40-RM200 Depends on length…

2. Don’t be offended if no one takes your picture. This is not a popularity contest. You cosplay to express your passion, not to attract attention…

3. You will get stares. If it bothers you, put your cosplay on the con, and take it off at the convention/event. If this isn’t feasible, get used to the stares. Especially in Malaysia, not many people have accepted cosplay yet. So… they tend to call cosplayers freaks…

4. There’s drama. Definitely will… A lot of it. The only thing you can do to prevent drama is not to cause it. For example, many people who don’t know, and thing they have not done anything wrong… I think, you have to seriously do research, before you cosplay a character. Make sure the costumes are accurate, wigs, colour, put more effort in your cosplay. Don’t just simply get a wig, wear it without even styling or trimming it, get a oversized costume which the details are wrong… these are also the starters… to getting you into trouble.

And one more too, many cosplayers, like to crossplay. I did not say it’s a big “NO” at least, put more effort into dressing up properly. For females, bind your boobs please, when you are doing a MALE character…

For male, please bind your dick, and also shave your hairy body, if you are planning to wear a dress. Don’t disgust people’s eyes and minds. You, should not be giving a bad impression to the non cosplayers, if your intention is to troll others, please choose another hobby… =_=

5. Not everyone at a con is an ok person. There are a lot of creeps, hentai jiji(s), stalkers, who never realizes they are…
So… Don’t give out your personal information…

6. You represent your country and also the cosplay culture/community, if you are off convention grounds, please remind yourself that before you begin to do obscene poses in the middle of the park, and attrack attention.
Yes, you don’t mind, I know 🙂 but this will also lead you to causing misunderstandings, of others towards you, for being a weird freak. Look around first, or at least, do it in a private location where no publics walk around…

7. Cosplay is fun, but you shuold remind yourself that different people find different things about this hobby… I don’t really go for meetups. They cuold be fun to you, and that’s completely fine, but don’t force your definition of “fun” on someone else 😦

8. Don’t touch someone if they don’t tell you it’s ok. That’s not only rude and intrusive, but breaking the law. This includes, hugging, high fiving, patting on the back, and especially glomping. Don’t do it.
Oh, and one MOST IMPORTANT and SENSATIVE issue… DON’T TAKE PICTURE of COSPLAYERS preparing, putting up their MAKE-UP. It’s really RUDE… At least, ask before you do so!

9. Respect a cosplayer, everytihng you can, including their time spent on making their costumes, props, styling and preparing their wigs.
If you think you have that much money, to just get everything online with your fat ass money, just wear your costumes and go have fun. Don’t go around showing off and judging how others did their costume, as people spend a lot of time and effort in making theirs.
I think it’s really a disgrace… I did not say you can’t do it, you can buy all the costumes you want with your money/parents money, but SHUT UP when it comes to commenting to others, you don’t deserve to SPEAK!

10. And the golden rule
Don’t judge a cosplayer, by their fandom. Don’t judge a fandom, by their cosplayers..

I apologize if the post above touched someone sensitively, I have no intention to flaming or pointing anyone, just adjusting and sharing out my thoughts. This is the reality. If you think it’s cruel, you should quit… or you live with it~




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