Comic Fiesta 2011

It’s just around the corner…
I still have things, yet to be done. I won’t be cosplaying Day 1 as I have no plans, probably recycle some old cosplays…
As for Day 2, will be doing a secret group cosplay with some friends. Hopefully it will turn out all right and epic 🙂 Costume is done for that one, only left is my prop

Can’t share any photos for now, will have to wait until CF…

I have been really busy lately, have not make any time for any photo shoots, so yeah, only thing to update about is CF. So how many of you are going? And have you bought your tickets?

Well, hope you have purchased pre-order/mock/retail tickets, so that you don’t have to queue up to get yours during the day. You save RM5 (MYR) and tickets here is not too expensive, so please lend your support… If you have been to events overseas, I am sure you know, their entrance fee is like AFA standard… so be glad, that you are still getting such cheap entrance fee, despite that we still have to pay for the hall rental…

Oh yeah, here are some purikura pictures I took with Shio during our visit to GAMEX Malacca 2 weeks ago, hope you enjoy the pictures^^

And also, I have updated my blog header, with new banner… haha… I realized, I have gotten awesome shoots from awesome photographers here… I am… honored *BOWS




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