Events update and Comic Fiesta 2011

Hello all, it’s been a while, I am sorry, I deserted this blog for a while… but I’m back, thanks again for checking so often, I apologize for not updating any sooner as I am really busy with work and upcoming events, and also when CF is nearer, it means I will be even busier.

So here’s some update from the past, this will take a while to finish reading, I will try to keep short, so that I can go straight to what I am suppose to update.

Can’t really update much about what’s passed, I can’t really recall on everything I did, so I’ll just post up the upcoming events. This month October, followed by November and December will be the busiest month for this year. Yes, here’s my current schedule.

As usual, Monday – Friday is work, Saturdays and Sundays are all focused on personal stuff and also events.
*NOTE: You can click on the names to view the event page / websites

8th October ( I was away in Ipoh )
15th October was J-Fest at Harbour Place, Klang organized by UiTM
22nd October will be GAMP at Bukit Jalil, organized by IMU
28th October will be Halloween Haunted House organized by Xajin from HELP, near Bangsar
28th October will also be CF2011’s Volunteers Camp @ MMU Cyberjaya until 30th October 2011
29th & 30th will be GAMEX @ Malacca

If you are interested, please come to those stated events above as CF will have a booth there, selling mock tickets. Tickets are for both days, RM25 (save RM5), save your time queuing up during CF. You know the line is always long…

As for November, 1st & 2nd week will need to be in Ipoh for personal issues again, followed up by
11th November : AFA – Singapore
26th November : GEMPAK 100% – Sungai Wang
17th & 18th December : Magacon – KDU
17th December : EOY – Singapore
17th & 18th December : Comic Fiesta 2011


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