COSFEST X.1 & More abou Vampire Knight Shoot

This year wasn’t really rush, but I was rushing my life to make it for the 11pm night train down to Singapore on Friday, 24th June 2011, yes, I made it and we didn’t miss it after 2 years in a row almost missing the train!

Trip lasted for 8 hours, and we arrived at Tanjong Pagar around 8+am while we headed straight to Shiro’s house, dropped off our stuff, took a bath and headed straight to Downtown East! Nothing much to do this year, it was pretty relaxing cos we did not cosplay, my wig did not arrive in time, so our group cosplay couldn’t make it to Cosfest. I had a very relaxing trip this time round, together with Shio (thanks). And a lot of fun, which I couldn’t write it in here. So let’s let the photos speak ^^

Picture credits to Sihan, I was pretty sad, cos we don’t have a proper picture of 4 of us
(Shiro Ang, Sihan Chen, Shio & me)… so Shio decided to add him in 😛


Thanks again to Ordinary Light Photography for the awesome shoot!

for more of the photos, please check out this Vampire Knight Album in Facebook


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