Vampire Knight Photoshoot, Read Malaysia 2011, C2AGE & HOT Magazine!

HWe’ve been planning for this shoot for quite sometime already, just that none of us could make time for the shoot. Finally 3 of us could spare ourselves a little time for this short but awesome shoot. Thanks for making for this shoot Shio & Aiko, and also to our awesome photographer PK or you can check out his Ordinary Light Photography.

On Friday night, me, Shio and Freya went over to Aiko’s place around 9pm and we stayed over for the night, and we woke up around 6am in shock… LOL, we’re supposed to be up by 5am, then we rushed and cancel some scene shoot and headed straight to Bukit Jalil park for our shoot…

Not gonna talk more, here’s some scene shots there
Picture credits to Ordinary Light Photography!

Let’s start off with a kuso picture :3
shot was taken last when we ended the serious shoots πŸ˜€

Kaname Kuran

Zero Kiryuu

Yuuki Kuran


Well, that’s all from our photographer side for now….
as for my side, I only edited 1 actually… so here it is:

This shot was inspired by the art above this picture πŸ˜›
So yeah, will upload more soon…

Really it was a long time ago since I last planned and had these kind of photo shoots, the rest were taken during events…

Here’s me during Read Malaysia 2011 @ Mines Convention Centre

photo credits to my other twin (on Day 2, week 2) : Yoke Lai

Photo credits to Beng Yew (On Day 1, week 2)

A picture with Kikyo! Photo credits to Wen Haur (Week 2, Day 1)
Sadly Ayase wasn’t there, she went to Johor TT_____TT for ACM.

Oh yeah, and credits to Ordinary Light Photography and Black Rabbit Photography, here are some shots taken at C2AGE!
We cosplayed La Corda with ChiaMei (Fantasy) for both days, Day 1: School Uniform, Day 2: Tux ver…

:: Ordinary Light Photography ::


(sorry, I am FAT >_<)




:: Black Rabbit Photography ::


Sharon from Cinema Online called and asked for cosplayers, we managed to went for that trivia interview and here, we are in Hot Magazine! (picture credits to Allen Yap)

Allen cosplayed as Captain Jack Sparrow
Vix cosplayed as Yoshii Akihisa
Shio cosplayed as Shiki Senri
and I cosplayed as Harry Potter

Yeah, that’s all for now, thanks for reading! πŸ˜€
And COSFEST!!! I’m coming 8D


One thought on “Vampire Knight Photoshoot, Read Malaysia 2011, C2AGE & HOT Magazine!

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