Project Diva 2011 (15 mikus)

Hello everyone, how’s life? Sorry for not updating, I just felt like writing to update about the shoot yesterday.
I don’t know, I am just kinda proud. Ahahaha, although I went as a saikang to kepoh and help out a little…and also to be proud, it’s a combination of 11 Malaysia and 4 Singapore cosplayers + 3 Malaysia & 2 Singapore awesome photographers

Woke up at 5.30am, and the shoot lasted almost 12 hours, was tiring, hot, but results of photos are awesome 🙂
Let me try and list out the cosplayers names eh?

Ok, we have…
1. Angeline YeeAi
2. Angie Ong
3. Aiko Shorin
4. Cappy Phreakyfish
5. Devilene Black
6. Jacqueline Lavena
7. Xsaye Ng
8. TC Fang
9. Viospace
10. Jesuke
11. Cubie
12. 千夜君
13. Cheryl Lo
14. Suan Ng
15. Rox Windy (which is not in this picture but in the video) & the only male in this group!

Photographers we have:
1. KC Lee
2. Raz
3. Ordinary Light (PK)
4. Fariz
5. Rox Windy
6. me (noob)

Other saikang:
1. mbek (the director :P)
2. hukoyee
3. penguin 😀
4. nick

photo credits to Ordinary Light Photography
Deviantart and Facebook

and more, have to wait, as I have not edited mine :3

Coming up events:

21st & 22nd May 2011 : C2AGE (organized by HELP University)
27th May  – 5th May 2011 : READ MALAYSIA (organized by MINES)
28th & 29th May 2011 : HARI BELIA (organized by Malaysia Youth Society)
1st June – 19th June 2011 : MOVIE CARNIVAL (organized by It’s BACK!!!
25th & 26th June 2011 : COSCEST X.1 (organized by Singapore Cosplay Club)
12th June 2011 : PROJEK HARAPAN 2 (organized by MCCS & CF collaborating with cinemaonline)

I will not be in Kuala Lumpur / PJ from 7th June – 10th June 2011. Will be in MIRI, SARAWAK.

headache headache, many many things waiting to be done…


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