Updates updates updates !!! XD

Weekends with Freya was really enjoyable, I am sorry Freya, for digging you up and dragging you out with me, it’s a selfish act indeed >_<||

I did not know what to do, I have loads of work to be finished, but I just didn’t have the mood to do it…

Yeah, I’ve been bad, I went out to hangout with friends, Saturday was Sky’s birthday, while Sunday, after fixing my car at Yukito’s place, it was a sudden plan, and I think I actually woke up Freya with my call, asking her out to Mid Valley for a movie… Thanks for not getting mad, and going out with me :3

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of chores today, instead of going out, I stayed home J Washed my clothes, changed bed sheets, cleaned my room (a small part of it, still unfinished), bathed, had egg for brunch, edited some photos for work, and I planned to write something to update my blog, it’s been sometime though.

As promised, here’s a little update on what’s going on from May – June and also Projek Harapan 2.

21st and 22nd May, there will be C2AGE, while 27th May – 5th of June, there will be READ Malaysia at The Mines, 1st of June – 19th of June, there will be MOVIE CARNIVAL!! Yeah, it’s back. And here’s the brief proposed idea to Movie Carnival, we are given a chance to do it together with Movie Carnival, which will be at Ikano Power Centre… on the 2nd week of June, which is 11th and 12th of June, there will be Projek Harapan 2 held on that weekend, while the following weekend, 18th and 19th June, there will be a Cosplay Competition. I can’t give you more info as I myself have not gotten them, I will update everyone once I have confirmed J

So just now after finishing all the chores, I was cleaning my music track list, and I came across few tracks, which I’ve recorded when I first met Shio not long ago 😛 And that was also my first time getting my own voice recorded with a pro singer beside me >_<||

Ok, it sounded awful, even Youtube removed our video (due to copyrights :P) It took me a lot of tryouts to get it recorded, and I felt like sharing finally (even though all these years, I have not mentioned about it, I really feel embarrassed) but only people who visit my BLOG will know about this, so it’s ok XD

This is the finale! Beware of horrible gay voice of mine 😡

Here you go, here’s a video that Youtube have not removed it yet, it’s a blooper, while the other tracks, are 1 test, and another final recorded. Enjoy and leave me brutal comments please… I don’t mind. I suck in singing anyway *runs away~

This is the bloopers

Will try to get more info on regards to the coming charity events, will keep everyone updated as soon as I can. Cheers^^


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