April update!~

Hello, how’s everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing well ^^

I guess it’s about time, for me. Haha…. All the stress + work piled up = sick. And finally down with one round of super super combo. Flu + Cough + Sore throat + Fever + Headache… (and insomnia) or probably I am the type that can’t sleep too much… 4 hours is the max ?

Well, don’t talk about me, talk about what happened last weekend 🙂

Yes, it is over, and it was really great, I am proud and glad that it all went smoothly. Really have to thank everyone who have helped make this happen. Even though I was super tired, it was all worth working for as we earned more than I have predict/expected.

I wanna start thanking those who helped again… haha…

First of all, the one who arrived 8am in the morning,

1. ( A leng chai, who I think it’s neko… >_<|| sorry… )
2. Raincloud a.k.a. Pei Yin
3. Lowies
4. Fuweyah!!

these are the wonderful helpers, who helped packed up all the goodie bags ❤

Secondly, are the awesome photographers,
1. KC Lee
2. PK

*And awesome helper of photographer and the person who’s been cheering at the booth
3. Meep!!!

Thirdly, we move on to Cosplayers!
1. Waninoko Yee Mun (waninoko)
Cosplayed as Son goku from Saiyuki G.

2. Vix Kakeru
Cosplayed as Akihisa Yoshi from Baka Testo

3. Alistair Lim (ShiroAL)
Cosplayed as Nura Rikuo from Nurarihyon no Mago

4. Mun Yen
Cosplayed as Shinichi from Nana

5. Sakura Wong
Cosplayed as Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

6. Mbek Biribiri
Cosplayed as Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket

7. Izzu Ishtar
Cosplayed as Calintz

8 & 9. Asyraf Noor Azizi & Iqbal Noor Azizi
Cosplayed as Katayanagi Twins from Scott Pilgrim

10. Yap Eva (Pandayuki)
Cosplayed as casual punk school girl

11. Snow Yang (death snow)
Cosplayed as Gauche from Tegami Bachi

12 & 13. Chibi & Mei Ling
Cosplayed as characters from Kaichou wa maid sama

14. Tan Xiaoqi (mioka)
Cosplaying Anri from Durarara!

15. Melissa Yeo (yukimimorisaki)
Cosplaying Kida from Durarara!

14. Xajin Jian
Cosplaying Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club

15. Amy Wong Fong Ee (Slashfan)
Cosplaying as Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club

16. Rei
Cosplaying as bunny from Alice in wonderland

*Fingers crossed, hope I did not miss out anyone >_<||

Sorry, I did not put in all the pictures~!
to view more of the pictures, click HERE


And also to thank everyone who have helped made it successful, I never expect our Cosplay photo booth side would earn that much, I only predict to get around 20 customers XDDDD but really, thank you all for your hard work!!! And also not to forget, Miss Foo, Miss Lim for lending us the donation box!!


Oh, and not to forget, all the crews of Comic Fiesta (nerv, mika, ezel, edo, naoko, chibi, ngin, teh-o, BMJ) , and MCCS (michael & gang), cosplay-fun (allen & ezli) as well that made appearance…

and all the public, and also not to forget, my assistant Shiomaru.

Oh yea, in total we roughly raised RM10,000 from this event!! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!


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