Hello everyone, please help pray…

Hope everyone is doing fine out there, I am not really doing that well here myself. Kinda worried and depressed because of what happened over in Japan. Hope all are all right, I really couldn’t bear seeing the number of deaths increasing everyday, and yet, 2nd or 3rd attack. And now, radiation issue…

Sighs… is the world really going to come to an end?

Who knows?

I hope they will stay strong, as we, are all praying for everyone in Japan. Please, be strong dear friends.
And we, ourselves should take precautions as well, as that day might also come to us, just that we don’t know when it will come… Are the predictions coming true? Do you believe in God’s doings, is this all God’s plans?

I’ve been sobbing for the past few days, and somehow, tired and exhausted, I really wish I could fly over to help them out, I am so useless, the only thing I know how to do or can do is just pray.

Here’s a song dedication to friends out there, a song by Shiomaru

Lyrics :
Going through it all
As I see how it began
Everything’s changing
While I couldn’t do a thing
But here I am to say
What I would say, as I
Witness all the hopes it took away

The world is sleeping
While you think it’d never wake
What you have lost, you never could retain
All the dreams washed away
All the hearts, they will break
And some of those you loved could never stay

Please be safe
Wherever you are we’ll always pray for you
Till the day that you can stand again

Things will get better everyday
With family and friends

You know they’ll be there
They know you will too
Live on, be strong, we’re trying with you

Do not give up!

pray for Japan

for those who have left us, rest in peace…

for those who survived, cheer up and live on for those who have left, they wouldn’t be happy seeing you so down… do not give up, there’s always hope.

and more HERE 

Weather here in Malaysia isn’t really that good either, everyone please bring umbrella or wear long sleeve everyday for these few weeks. Avoid running under the rain, just be careful all right.


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