Updates :: I am sorry !!!

Greetings, to all my dear friends, first of all, I am really really sorry for not being able to update for such a long time… I am finally free, for now. Work deadline just past, Comic Fiesta 2010 ended just like that, but I was really shocked when I saw 220 views on the previous post itself.

Anyway, I am here to say sorry again, I have been slacking for 2 months. I am still alive. Haha… was too happy and busy at the same time during my Birthday period, having hard time thanking 450 over people from facebook and also text messages that I’ve received, countless wishes, countless celebrations, and all mean a lot to me. And not forgotten, 3 rounds of Durian Cakes!!!

I hope everyone is doing fine out there, I will at least blog once a week from now on, I promise. And yeah, I have done some major upgradings of my boring blog. LOL…

I guess that’s about it for now. I’ll write again soon.
missing everyone out there… *HUGS*


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