4 more days to Comic Fiesta 2010

Only few more days to Comic Fiesta 2010. My part is pretty much done. I mean my HR department stuffs. All left is briefing the volunteers on CF day itself. Pretty much looking forward to it as all the fuss that I’ve been through this year, but I am glad things are finally settled and it went the way I pretty much wanted it to be. So YAY!…

Had a long chat with Binbin the other day, and I told her I don’t know when I will break down and I really hope that day would come soon, as I am really really tired of my life here…

The pain is increasing and each time it lasted longer than the previous. I cried the other night, couldn’t hold the pain, oh, I am talking about my migraine… I forgot how long, but was pretty long. I have to rely on pills again. I really hate it… but I don’t have a choice?

I want to apologize, I have a lot of pressure from a lot of places, and I am not well, I get moody a lot lately. So I am sorry dear friends. Please forgive me if I ever exploded in front of you…


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