Report is out and I should be er… relieved?

Not a big deal as I have expected it actually… As I have heard it before… So I am kinda prepared for this report, but + in some bad results that I did not wish to hear it from doctor’s mouth, but it came anyway…

So yeah, I just called doctor today, I guess my life with medication shall become worse…
Here are part of the result that I jolt down.

Blood Type : ORhD+
Cancer: No cancer (everything is clean)
Liver: In Good Condition
Vaginal: Good condition (no sign of anything growing)

Male Hormon % is extremely high (yes I know, and I’d already expected)
*so in order for period to come normal again, I have to take medications to increase female hormone and decrease male hormone. Which is 2 different medication =_=||

and doctor said I have am diagnosed with minor diabetes :: normal is 6.1 if not mistaken, mine is 6.4

Plus this will make it 4, one for migraine, 1 for female hormone, 1 for lowering male hormone, and one for reducing the sugar level in my blood stream… OTL!

Not really happy with the results, but am glad at least nothing else growing…
So yeah, thanks for texting and being concerned about my report everyone. I am really touched & glad that I have all your supports…

Gotta get busy with work again, CF is just 10 days away, and Shiro and Sihan will be staying at my place this time! YAY! Hope to see everyone soon….

Countdown to Comic Fiesta 2010!!!



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