Getting better or worse?

Have been under medication ever since the trip to see the Doctor, seems like the pain is controlled with the help of pills given. I have to take it twice a day, but without it, I will die. And yes, I have proven it to myself, I missed one time taking the pills and the pain strike like immediately. Gone… this is what I didn’t want to happen and which is also one of the reasons I hate taking pills.

Now I have to rely on it for the rest of my life…

Kacee told me it’s good start? And asked me to keep taking the pills to help control the pain, but this is how I feel after the pas few weeks taking these pills, my body is very exhausted at all times. Not sleepy, but body isn’t responding much, is it because of the pills? Oh, FYI, I am taking Sandomigran and this pill is not easy to get in any pharmacies. 1 row RM8 (after discount) with 10 pills in 1 row. Let’s count how much I have to spend every month…. $$$$$$ again~

On the other hand, work’s fine. Deadline is finally over, finally. I have a little time to write again. I miss writing in here, but can’t be helped when things are piling up waiting for me to do. Comic Fiesta is just around the corner, spend so long just to sort out all the names. And I am really glad that the numbers of volunteers are increasing. I really hope they don’t ffk me last minute again after I’ve sorted them into groups. Always disappoints me every year. I really don’t know what’s gotten into the younger generation nowadays. Can’t you keep your promise?

Or you don’t know how hard people go through just to sort all you guys up huh? Just freely signing up for fun and not attending. I have to prepare so many things! Get T-shirts printed, prepare free tickets, certificates. Appreciate what I do please, I am not getting paid for this. Love what we do or at least appreciate.

Good thing is, there are a lot of volunteers and I hope they are nice to work with. And I am really really looking forward to CF2010.

Well, life’s like that I guess, at least I still have time to do what I like for now, before anything bad comes… I want to accomplish it all before I leave. And I am really desperate for a long vacation. Money is always the issue… oh well, live life as it is for now I guess.

Hope to see you all soon! And yay for all my overseas friends who are attending CF2010. Can’t wait to meet you guys/girls.

I gottago, will update again soon…

Countdown to Comic Fiesta 2010!!!
Only 15 Days left!!!


3 thoughts on “Getting better or worse?

  1. feel exchausted might because of the reaction between your body and the chemicals from the pill. this might last for a short period, but if it continues, do consult your doctor. okay? 🙂 hugsss* 

  2. /Pats Daddy. QAQ you alright…?
    “I want to accomplish it all before I leave.” <<<<<<< Noooo~ you’ll be just fine T_T
    Anything feel free to tell me if you want to, I’m here for you anytime ❤
    Cheers. Take care!

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