Animangaki, Diwali, short break to BP & Muar ++

Sorry for the late update again orz…
Finally have a little time to update a little. Let’s start from the top.

Animangaki :: Overall 85% (can you do better next time ?)
I enjoyed it basically, just that I missed the opportunity to go for Omatsuri and also the haunted house, gomen to Shio, Aiko, Candace, and especially mbek who waited for so long and when we finally managed to settle down and head there, it’s closed

I was invited again to be judge for the Cosplay competition, I hope I judged fairly, and everyone is satisfied with the results. I love all the performance, and seriously saying, standard for Malaysian Cosplayers have indeed increased. I might not deserve to say all this as I am not a veteran in Cosplay (yet), but as an observer, this is what my view is.

My schedule for that day was too pack until I don’t really have time to rest. LOL. I did not even get to say hie to some friends who attended (I’m sorry) *bows… but it’s really nice seeing everyone again after such a long break. And to Bin Yun, no worries, your event was successful and you did well and your best. *HUGS. Good Job!

Photos are mostly in FB, so if you want to check them out, I bet it’s all around… so I won’t post anything here lol… *sorry for my lazyness.

Diwali Shoot + short break to BP & Muar happened quick and ended quick as well.
Overall :: I ejnoyed 95% of it, the sad thing is it had to end so soon and I have to come back 😦
Woke up at 6.30am on Thursday morning, I was on leave as I promised to bring my lil sister for a shoot. I apologize to Kasthuri for wasting your time bringing us there, but I really appreciate it. We met up with Kas near Tesco around 7.10am and set off to Batu Caves, while on the way, Shio put on make up and finished up once we arrive there. I helped her with the Sari tying which took us a while to learn at Sham’s place 2 nights before that.

Once we are done, shoot start and it lasted for about and hour plus?
After that we headed home, got ourselves cleaned and packed our bags. Then we tapao-ed Chicken Rice and headed straight to Bukit Jalil Bus Terminal, parked my car there and we waited for our 2.30pm bus to arrive. Once we were on the bus, we zZZzz….

Arrived at Batu Pahat around 5.30-6pm plus and spend most of my 4 days there taking pictures, eat, sleep, watching anime, movies, OMG I really enjoyed it XDDDDD
Thanks to Uncle Harry for driving me around and Aunt Liana for the awesome hospitality, Nasi Goreng Kampung and ++++++ Seriously A+++ Trip!!!
And also Shio. Thanks for inviting *Nyuuu~
And also thanks for the hugs, don’t know how to explain the feeling, but I am happy, really really happy and glad I made it for this trip.

Till next time, See you soon!!!

Some photos to share!~
Diwali Shoot ::

For more Click HERE
and Kuso/omake pictures Click HERE

Random Sight-seeing shoot at Muar

Aren’t Shio’s parents both cute ? XDDD

And here’s the AWESOME NASI GORENG KAMPUNG by Aunt Liana
For more Click HERE

I really enjoyed my trip to BP, it’s my 2nd time this time, and I have to come back again, wish  I could stay longer…

2 more days, I will be heading back on Thursday night after work, driving back to get my car serviced and also going for a check up. I’ve been having some health problem, and mum wants me to pay a visit to the doctor like immediately.

Will be getting admitted (for the first time in my life) probably in Pantai Hospital, hopefully everything is fine so that I don’t need to extend my stay. I’ve been having bad migraine, numbs on my head, bad bad headaches. Which dad calls / thinks it’s stroke symptoms. So yeah, wish me luck, I’ll keep updating soon… Gotta go for meeting and get things done. Sorry friends.

Till my next update, ciao~

38 Days left ~


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