Full schedule…

October is a super packed month for me, I have no empty weekends to relax, well, one is because of coming events, and also Comic Fiesta 2010 is just around the corner, preparations need to be made… and a lot of meetings to attend to.

Truth is, I enjoy doing all these event handling stuffs, or just organizing something, but I don’t have enough time, which sucks. Haha! There are really so many things that I want to do, it’s just that, I only have a pair of hands. And I am not as free as I used to be in high school. I have to work… which already killed a lot of my time. When I get home at night, I am too exhausted to work on other tasks. Somehow I can feel my body is getting weaker, memories fading slowly, I had to bring a book wherever I go as I couldn’t remember things well.

And also due to some personal issues, I don’t have extra time to even work freelance, or probably 1 or 2 part time jobs per month. I need $$, a lot in fact. I don’t spend much, except for petrol, food + a little movie entertainment. I have not spend anything on Costumes this year, which I don’t really care much for now, as I am too busy… so I guess, this year, either I would be busy running around with walkies again, or probably recycle one of my cosplays.

Oh well, other than that, coming up this month is the event that has been postponed and postponed again. LOL. Finally it’s here. Animangaki organized by SUAC. So on the 31st October (which is on Halloween DAY!), make sure you drag you ass to Sunway University. Of course I will be there as well, together with other friends. I guess it’s a must attend event as there isn’t much event next except for AFA Singapore and the biggest event of the year, Comic Fiesta 2010.
And oh yeah, before I forget, as the Head of HR Department of CF, I would like to post this in this entry as well, if you are above 16 and you wish to contribute/volunteer, I need help from everyone out there. Please sign up as a volunteer to help manage the event as the Committee has limited power to handle sooooooooooo many visitors on that day.

For more info, check out HERE!
and some benefits for volunteering:

  • Volunteers are given FREE ENTRY to the event.
  • Meet a lot of anime and manga fans, make new friends.
  • You’ll get a certificate of appreciation for volunteering
  • Participation will look nice in your resume.
  • A “crew” T-Shirt (yet to be confirmed)

So what are you waiting for, come help out at CF2010!!!

For more info about coming events:: (click on the image to go to the websites)


2 thoughts on “Full schedule…

  1. >Coming up this month is the event that has been postponed and postponed again. LOL. Very brilliant description!

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