October and what’s going on…

Hello friends, I am sorry I have not been writing again. Have been really really busy with work, office moving around. Politics in political company 😀 but for now, it’s settled down…

So now I am no longer based in Seapark, now I have been transfer to REFSA office in Old Klang Road 🙂 ( still doing Rocket Newspaper for DAP just am based in a different office )
Which is near Pearl Point. So yeah. Nothing much going on lately except busy with Cosplay-Fun Group stuff… and work. Did not do any shoots lately or shoot others, or events going on lately. No actually I have nothing much to write, but I guess I am back to track for now. More focused on my responsibilities. And the emo me is being away for a vacation now. So now, it’s back to the Old me.

So yeah, getting things done now while writing this. Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing fine out there. And please inform me if you change your blog links, so that I can change and update them ok?
Do drop me a message or leave your link at the chatbox.

Cheers !~

Countdown to next event, Animangaki 31st October and also
Comic Fiesta 2010 18-19 December 2010.


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