First time to BP and other updates . . .

Yeah, my first time visiting Batu Pahat. haha… was really nervous, cos I have never traveled alone to some place that I have never been before. So don’t laugh please, I am scared. Ahahahahaha~

Thank you to Uncle Harry, Aunt Liana, Uncle Zhang and his wife, for such wonderful memories, and also not forgotten, Shio for letting me visit 😀

Pictures are all in my Facebook Album, you can view it HERE
And during my 2 nights 3 days trip, I also did a small shoot for Shio in her house in conjunction to Hari Raya 😀
You can view the pictures
HERE (sorry pictures are all omake shots as the main one is chosen by Shio and put up as her profile picture )

Nothing much to share now, some shots are confidential so I can’t post it . . .
but thanks for dropping by, I am doing mass cleaning on links that doesn’t work anymore and adding new friend’s blog lists. So drop me a comment if you want to share links 🙂

Cheers ~


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