Little update on GAMP

Well, it’s already 20th of August, and already exceeded half of the year 2010. I’ve been blogging less, yes I admit. Lesser than I used to. Which I used to do it like, once a day or even up to 3 times a day. I have nothing much to write lately, and I don’t want to keep posting emo stuff here lo, but really, I am much more better now.

Just want to share some pictures from GAMP event which was held on the 14th of August 2010,
sorry most of it is Shio’s picture, as I was bored and she and Aiko was around, so I kept taking taking taking and taking… 😀

But overall the event was successful for their first time, and so many times of postponing. LOL.
I promised friend that I would attend, but I did not cosplay. So there I was, a Malaysian photographer 😀 And as usual, I let the pictures do the talking . . . I didn’t walk around much, was sitting there all the time, so I did not shoot any cosplayers… orz. I am sorry. I am lazy!~

At first, Shio told me she’s too tired to attend, so I thought she’s going to sleep for the whole day, so I took the plushie of her to GAMP instead…

hello… I am Shio ^^

I have a ticket too ~

and here you see some familiar faces… haha~ They copy our copyright!!!


I don’t know what happened, but people just started bullying Shio =_=||

kuso kuso!

Here comes the leng luis…

with Aiko lui lui ❤ and Angeline ^^

Yuki jie jie and Shio kor kor 😀

2000KGS Grrrrr!! HEAVY!!!

And finally group picture 😀

For more, click HERE to view it in Facebook.


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