August update!

Hello everyone, how’s life? I am so sorry, I haven’t been writing lately. Nothing much happened, I didn’t write much as I have spent most of my time with work, events and emo-ing in my room. And honestly saying, I don’t even feel like writing nowadays when I am in bad mood. Just want to apologize to friends who kept asking, hey, why didn’t update blog?

Here I am. I am feeling better now in a way. From a lot of stuff. I think it’s healing slowly. Very very very very slowly. Whatever that has happened in the past. Relationship, family issues, work, and my own mental issue. Health wise, I think ok as well. Nothing to write much, pretty busy lately, but I’ve settled down in my new environment, with my new housemates.

I’ll keep writing, and I hope you’ll keep reading too 🙂
Hope this month will be an exciting month.

Cheers everyone ~ missing everyone, missing the times we hangout, missing my dearly sisters, missing all my friends.
Hope to see you guys soon 🙂

*wait for a little surprise from me ok?


3 thoughts on “August update!

  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better dear~ *hugs* Things will look better and brighter for you, I’m sure. Keep your family and friends close! ^^ Speaking of which, I’m missing you too~!! >w< Hope to see you soon-ish~

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