A very busy month indeed. I did not even have time to update about Cosfest, but yeah, I enjoyed this years Cosfest a lot, no rush, here and there. We took our sweet time and enjoy all the foods that we’ve been craving for. And credits to Shiro for helping us shoot some awesome pictures.

I did not bring my camera with me as I left it with Allen most of the time. I can’t really update much about Cosfest. I am really sorry my friends, but for friends who did not make it, it is such a waste.

After the first weekend, I went back to Ipoh on the 2nd weekend, as mum said grandpa’s condition was getting worse. So I thought since I have nothing on that weekend, I went back to visit him. I was supposed to go back on Friday night, but due to work, I had to delay my journey from 7pm to 10pm. One of my colleagues couldn’t follow me back and my junior had to pull out as well due to the time. Her parents won’t allow her to follow me back so late… (no comment about that), so I drove back alone, it was raining heavily so I drove pretty slow~

Reached home around 1am? And after I was done with everything, I went to bed around 3, woke up again around 7++ and headed to school. I wasn’t informed that the Taekwondo Grading was being postponed, so I wasted my morning there, but it was a good chat with Sir. Really miss those days training… I rushed to see grandpa after that, he was breathing with the help of a machine. Not sure whether he knew I was there, but he couldn’t talk. Mum said the cancer had already spread to his throat, he was really thin. Sat there until night, and headed home…

Was planning to visit him again on Sunday morning before leaving back to KL around noon, but on Saturday night we got called and one of my aunt said “his lips are black”. We rushed over and spend around 20 minutes there, everyone was crying… and then he just left…

I don’t know how to tell you how I feel, but what’s past is past. We have to move on… I am back to PJ after 1 week break, handling all the ceremony and stuff. And I hope everyone out there is doing fine. Pictures are all in my Facebook, so I won’t be linking anything. I have deadline to rush. So sorry for my lack of update.

God bless everyone~


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