o-hai :-)

Sorry I have not been updating, due to deadlines and some things that I messed up and got myself into deep shit…
Moved all my stuff to Cheras last week, am officially Shio’s neighbour now, but there are still a lot of boxes yet to be unpacked into shelves and also cupboards, I have so little time. Everyday is a full day for me.

All my weekends are packed, I am having constant headaches. Hahaha…
And friends have been saying me lame lame lame lame lame, and too hyper. What’s wrong with that?
Oh anyway, I will be heading down to Singapore tonight, 10.30pm train and will be arriving there around 7-8am tomorrow morning. Will be going together with Allen, Shio, Raymond and also Angeline. We planned for pyjama party in the train, LOL, I think we might end up being halau cos too noisy. Ahahahaha… And er… will be heading back right after the event on Sunday night. Yes, very very rush trip.

No choice, have work, Shio has classes on Monday. No skipping. . .
I think I will update when I am back ~ So… SG friends, I’m COMING!!!


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