preparations… + events

Deadline for work is due this week, but I don’t have the passion to do my work now, so I’ve decided to write a little. haha… time flies, it’s almost my 1 year in DAP. Let’s see what we have in the schedule list ?

June ::
26th June 2010 :: MAGe Festa @ Nilai
*NOTE :: whoever still wants to tag along, follow me down. Please let me know ok.
22nd – 30th June 1010 :: I have to “seriously” move my stuff to the new place already. I need motivation!!!

2nd July 2010 :: Head down to Singapore, for COSFEST!
4th July 2010 :: Head back to KL, from COSFEST.
7th July 2010 :: Last visit back to Ipoh for now ( might not be back until September )
17th July 2010 :: Bon Odori

21st 0 22nd August :: Animangaki, SUAC

No cosplay plans this year… no time. T_T
Hope to bring out some stuff to show friends, and more surprise. Yeah, last weekend I think I did surprise some of my friends out there. LOL, had a “sisters gathering” and it was “TOTALLY GIRLY STUFF”
You’ll be able to see the pictures uploaded by Shio & Aster, but I really did have fun although I still don’t really like people saying me pretty. Ahahahaha… sorry. Just not used to it, but thanks really. I appreciate all the complements! Not going to post it here, check FB if you really want to see it.

I’ll keep updating soon ~
Hope everyone is doing fine out there *HUGS & KISSES


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