moving to a new environment!

Got a message from Shio saying she received the key to my room already, so I’ve decided to move more stuff over yesterday night. While I have time now. So I’ve moved 35% of my stuff over, a lot more to go >_<

Yes, I will definitely miss the old room, same feeling when I move to every new place. I will definitely miss the old one. Seemed to be bigger, this time. This new room. Very spacious 🙂

Moved some of my stuff over last night, will be moving bit by bit everyday I plan. I’ve only moved my cosplay stuffs over. LOL, haven’t pack my other stuffs, plan to move the big furniture on Sunday. Now when I look back at my old room, I felt like home. haha.. not sure why I have that feeling, but I think I can turn the new one to be the same. Just that placement of tables and chairs and bed would be different.

here’s  a picture I took with my Lauya phone camera,
not really clear, but here goes ::

They already have 2 tables in the room, don’t know where I should put my table and cupboard when I move them over. LOL. I gotta go, will update more soon…


3 thoughts on “moving to a new environment!

  1. Beautiful place!Just paste some posters of animes on the wall and looks great!! A new home sweet home.

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