busy months . . .

Picked up Sky, Yukito and CC from my place and headed straight to KJ station. When we arrived, met up with Eric, Bob, Cappy, Dave. Walked them over to Cinema Online’s office and walked back to KJ station to meet up with Raven and Shio. Allen headed there himself while I drove the balance of the luggage together with Raven and Shio to Cinema Online office. Parked my car near housing area and rushed to the bus. 8.40pm. We started our journey down to PENANG!!!

Arrived around 1 if not mistaken, sorry I did not manage to take any pictures of the Hotel, but it’s awesome. Love the place we stayed “B Suite”

Anyway, the 2 day event at Queensbay Mall was really fun, but tiring. And glad that managed to spend time with friends, eating and laughing together 🙂

Hope we will get more chances to go on trips like this in future 🙂 Oh yeah, we took purikura pictures.
I don’t really like to write much, so let’s share photos XD

2nd set with HP gang and CC !!

upcoming events ::
MAGe FESTA, NILAI!!!  26th June 2010. Click HERE for more INFO!!!
COSFEST, Singapore ( I’ll be heading down on the 2nd, Friday Night, approax arriving on 3rd, Saturday Morning ) Singapore friends, SEE YOU SOON!!!
Bunkasai ( a very disappointing event last year which I heard they are going to cancel it this year ? )
Bon Odori ( Must go! which is on the same day as C2AGE at Tropicana City Mall )
Animangaki ( the event that EVERYONE is waiting for )

RED :: Die die also I will not attend, or maybe will if there’s some miracle XD
Green :: Die die also I will find a way to attend 😀 Cos those event are must attend!!!

Picture of the day; ( credits to wani + editing by me XD )

*original picture ( guki is so cute XD )

that’s all, ciao ciao ^^


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