Byebye sunway..

Found a room already, will no longer be staying with CC. Choice is either move to stay with brother, with CC or some place nearer to KL as office is going to move around there soon…

I chose neither, a coincidence, I found a room, just beside to Shio’s. And rent is pretty cheap + Air condition. So yeah, I will be housemates with Shio soon. Unless she moves. So Cheras, friends, see you soon šŸ™‚ Started packing yesterday, and to my horror, only Costume related + wigs + props… already took up 2 luggage. *Scary! Anyway, will start packing everyday, and little by little I transfer it over. Any volunteers out there who is willing to lend their cars to help me transfer “GOODS” from Sunway to Cheras ? Haha… Well, I guess I can handle it on my own.

Just to update everyone, but yeah. I think I will still hangout around Sunway a lot, since I still pass by everyday for now, but I will definitely be out end of this month as the contract ends this month. I will definitely miss the room, the feel, the smell, but not to some of the memories. I should start new again, at the new place. I guess it’s even more nearer for Wani to travel. LOL. And if CF is in Sunway again this year ( It’s Impossible ), friends can’t bunk in anymore. LOL.

Next up is Penang 3D 2N event. Movie Blockbuster @ Queensbay Mall ( my first time there ). I have not been to Penang for like YEARS!! I hope my brother will not see me in “Monkey Suit”. It will be on the 11th – 13th June 2010. And 26th will be heading down to Nilai University for MAGE event. And 3rd July will be heading down to Singapore for COSFEST!!!. I don’t know what to cosplay, I might end up recycling or Cosplaying as Malaysian this time. Hehe… I guess… that’s all for now.

Want to sincerely apologize to friends about what happened few days ago, I am really down. Sorry for those who tried approaching me but I replied bluntly. I wanted time alone so badly, but I’m glad that this time, I did not do anything stupid. So yeah. I passed this time, but I have a lot of money burnt this month. Fix all the damaged stuff at home, settle rent, petrol, settle and cut my phone line, + they still charge me after I have stopped using for so long. Money here and there. Sighs… I wish I can grow money or maybe have a raise. I wish I have more time to do freelance to earn more money. It’s always negative…



2 thoughts on “Byebye sunway..

  1. OMG exactly the same house with shio? the one beside her room?… but pls go fix the bathroom, the door is hard to open. i hope there’s space for me to sleep when i go over. Connaugh pasar malam yay! XD thursday i no class this sem. X3i try to go n collect all my stuff there. forgot to bring my costume back orzPS: shiro cant stay with us this year liao. T_T

  2. wani >> Yes, same house. Bathroom is not as serious as my toilet here lo… I think got space la, corridor, downstairs, :)Not only your costume, and alot of stuff u get from other ppl, all pass to me >_<

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