Last weekend . . .

Sorry it took me few days to write about my weekend. LOL. Had a pretty fun weekend and it was mostly packed. Early Saturday morning, woke up around 6.50am, meet up with Sky and Kids at Sunway, and headed to Sparda’s house. Shio went with me as well. Waited for the 3 of them to get prepared before heading to the park at Kelana Jaya. Then we drove there and started the shoot. I had to leave early, so I only helped them shoot halfway. I’m so sorry… but here are some shots, which i have not edited any of them…

Kids as Uzumaki Naruto ;: bleh…

Tajiu-kagebunshin-no jutsu XD . . . and Cute sky as Hinata *Fangirls

Summoning the FROG!!! *chibi froggie XD

I think it peed on kid’s hands. eeeee…..

Wait… who is this ?

nosebleeds…. it’s Sparda as Yondaime

Trying to do the awesome pose from the picture reference… I think I took around 40 shots
Nice ones that I managed to capture…

Sky is so cute!!!                                          touch* touch*

Family Portrait

and finally KUSO!!

The rest you can view it here…. These are the ones that I took 😀

Then, me and Shio headed to my aunt’s place for a swim ^^  only took one shot each. I got sunburn on my thye >_<||

After that we went and meet up with Kira and Yukito to collect back my costume and borrowed Yukito’s for Shio to use at night. Headed home and packed for the job at night…

Went and pick up Sky at KK near TOA and headed to Mid Valley to meet up with Sean. Then we drove to Traders Hotel and met Rex halfway. LOL. Got ourselves changed and headed for the party… We received free food, drinks and the coolest thing is, we also got paid 😀

Here are some camwhore pictures with Shio in the Spa ( changing room )

see my tongue ?                                             SHOCKED!!!

hehehehehe…..                                               Booooooooo…..

Grrr……                                                        Sotong sotong Chuu…

er……                                                         Group pic with Mintos, and Sky

Left the place and headed home around 3 ++  Collapsed in bed around 4am… zZzz… and woke up at 2pm the next day ( Sunday ) headed to Ikea around 4pm and met up with Sky, Kids, Ike and Dollah. Then me and Shio fooled around in Ikea, and then we headed to Ikano to get Kuro a new cage and some cat food, then headed to Daiso to shop shop . . .

Went home and prepared dinner… I think after that I zZzz… was toooooo tired. Hahahahaha…
That’s about it… about my weekend.


3 thoughts on “Last weekend . . .

  1. walao so fun. i donno ppl will get paid, or is it u only cause u help up?woah n the photos for naruto shoot are nice. =)missed u guys so much. when can i see u all n root at ur room planting mushrooms? T___T

  2. @waninokocym – Yeah, they are paying for those who have confirmed with me earlier. Everyone gets RM150 each. Naruto photos are uploaded by Sparda, I did not edit any of them yet. So it would turn out even better after editing I think….No worries le, I will be moving soon, so you can come anytime. Just let me know in advance. Come over and grow mushrooms at my new place k 😀

  3. wah, n that the saturday i’m at home rooting… cause fren ffk me dint get to go event. >_>i thought u moving july/august? must let me know how to go ur new hs if not i gonna be lost LOL

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