updates from the weekends

Hey there everyone, how’s life been for you guys out there ? My life is busy as usual 🙂
In fact, I think I am getting better, as in I am not so in the emo mode anymore, I think my time is over, but still I feel lonely sometimes, thanks Kacee, June, Neo & Shio for spending the weekends and weekdays with me. I really enjoyed it.

Bi elections will end this weekend in Sibu, wonder what the result is, after we’ve done so much and gone through all the pressure on all the extra issues, prints. Life has been the same, getting some extra part time job at night now, rally hard to make ends meet. Pay is not really high, but what to do, slowly gaining experience 🙂 One step at a time, patiently. I’m confirmed moving end of June, still deciding 2 houses, bargaining which is best, but it will mostly still be in Sunway…

Car has been nice to me, doing healthy. Friends, ok as well, money issue ( nope, still unsolved ), family issues, . . . ugh… i don’t want to talk about it, but yeah, I am looking forward to going back soon ^^

Cosplay ? I’ve seemed to slack a little recently, I’ve been busy handling events. Working secretly XD
Well, if everything goes well, I will post it up soon to share with everyone. So do look forward ok 🙂

I guess that’s all, have to get back to work, sorry for the short and meaningless update….
Sharing some purikura pictures taken with kacee & June the other weekend 😛

And here’s the one taken with shio last month


Yup, that’s all, cheers 😀


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