Due to bi-elections at Ulu Selangor & Sibu, my work task has been increased or can I say doubled. More covers to do, more layouts to put. More sets of newspaper to do. It’s been 3 months, I have not went back to Ipoh. I miss home… a lot. I miss everyone. I thought I could survive, but as days passed, i realized I couldn’t do it. Just can’t stop thinking about them, wish I can go back, but the schedule is not helping at all…

I went down to Genting with Allen last Saturday, just a day trip up. And I wanted to shout out so badly when I was at the mountains top. Didn’t want Allen to see my emo face, so I had to walk away all the time while friends did some photo shoots. After I came back from the trip, I was down with High Fever, but luckily, on the next day, it subsided. I am getting weaker it seems…

I’ve decided, I will be moving. Probably July or August, and I’m just waiting for the agents to confirm me with the price and location. I’ll keep everyone informed ^^ Especially Singapore friends who bunk my place during CF 🙂

This week is mother’s day, I should send mum a card, I’ll just have to celebrate it with her the next time I go back. Mum, dad, I’m sorry. T_T

Sorry I haven’t been writing much. As I think that I made too many friends around me worried. I’m fine, for now, and I am really glad that there are all of you out there to help me to stand back up and stay strong. I wish I could stop thinking, cos I miss sleeping a lot. I wish I could just forget all the sad things, cos I hate crying a lot.

I’ll try my best. I made too many promise, and I really want to keep them. I promise I will try to be happier. Try to be the old me again.

Work, is work, I should not separate my focus. I need to get back to work.
Take care friends…

Looking forward to seeing Kacee and June this weekend. ^^


4 thoughts on “04.05.2010

  1. Hey babe, hope you’re doing okay~ Work sounds tough. =( Just so you know, if you ever feel like having a de-stressing mamak session or whatever, I’m just a phonecall away. 😉 I miss you too~!! Hahah~Hope you get the chance to go back home soon~ :3 You sound really homesick. >.< They shouldn’t work you so hard and at least give you annual leave, heh. =PCan’t wait to hear about your new place! ;P

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