SICK OF LIFE I can say, sick of some people out there who are so fucking selfish. Sick of work, sick of those people who just can’t get over something. Sick of those people who are so damn negative thinking.

YAY! I’m GAY. =_=||

Don’t know how to express my feeling right now, but I am somehow mixed with a lot of emotions in one go. Pissed, sad, confused, I just don’t know. I ruined my sister’s day yesterday, when she came over to enjoy and relax for the weekend. I burst again. Delayed what we’ve planned until 4.30. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be so weak.

I can’t even smile when she told me to cheer up. And it’s so painful and hard to smile. Nothing seem to be wrong, I couldn’t seem to find the reason for those tears coming down. We went for movie yesterday, was nice, but I just changed back to myself right after the movie ended. Thought it would just brighten and cheer myself up after movie, sighs… I’m sorry I am so useless.

Seeing me like this, she just told me that she thinks it’s her fault for coming and disturbing me. It would have been better if she wasn’t around.

I don’t know. Somehow, I’ve been sharing my feelings with you now that my other half is gone. And I hope there is someone here with me to fight with me. I am sorry if it’s too hard for you. I’ll stop disturbing you. I bet a lot of people out there would be happier seeing this. So, I’m sorry.

You can just tell it straight to my face if you HATE or you think that I AM ANNOYING or I’ve been RUINING YOUR LIFE. I won’t go look for you. I’ll stop disturbing you. Take care.

*sorry for my lame post. You can choose not to read if you are sick of reading my blog.
I’m sorry I am like this, I can’t control myself.

So live with it


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