I’ve haven’t been well lately, eye infection attacks again. Stress level increasing again. I just don’t know what I should or what I can do. Anyways, here are some pictures taken during the Sony Expo @ Mid valley last Saturday. A lot of cosplayers went and participated, winner was Jun, 1st runner Zend and then D Angelus. Congratulations everyone. Didn’t really watch the whole competition, was busy bluring at the corner. And yeah, met few FB friends and also my daughters and sons 😀 Thanks for all the photos. We finally have a shot of us. Hahaha…

me cosplaying as Kozato Enma from KHR (manga) NOT PLASTER!!!
People have been calling me Plaster instead of potter since Saturday. Gosh…

Still don’t know what is this character’s power, but just trying it out in suit version. Want to thank all my DA friends for the favorite. 😀


Family photo ❤

with all the sisters (finally)

Some off scene pictures

Tee-hee :: Angie n Shio kissing >> MY CHEEK + plaster on it. So it doesn’t COUNT!!!

Thanks beat for the pic, me and Carmen ( The FB friend I was referring to)

Me and my daughter :: Candace / Yumizo

Me and my son :: Rex

Haha.. we have a lot in common :: Name Samantha :: Sam, Ong Kar Mun :: Kah Mun, and the series we are cosplaying :: KHR!!
I look very fat here, You can see obviously shio is aiming at the Plaster =_=
And she hates this picture, I don’t know why. But yeah, that day was the day where I got kissed by a lot of cosplayers…. I’ll never forget that day. Say only kiss me but all aiming at the PLASTER, LIAR!!!

*but still Kacee really did kiss me after I removed the plaster  I hope June will do the same too XD
Only if she’s reading…

Ah… and yes, My other twin. Born on the Same DAY, Same MONTH, Same YEAR. 1 Hour difference. She’s 1 hour older… meet rayray 😀

And guess what? I met back my high school friend, Joy

nice seeing you again 😀

& finally many thanks to KC for the Fish Eye shot.
Me & Shio, sorry I look terribly ugly and my contacts. I’m really really sorry.

my feet look so tiny 😀


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