April Fools Day – DA’s surprise & SONY EXPO details

Happy April Fools day everyone! I’m sure some of you have been pranked and you have already pranked your friends. Don’t be mad ok. It’s just for today. I’ve came across this image which interests me a lot. LOL. It’s just FOR TODAY!

See the difference ? It’s the other way round. A lot of my friends didn’t get the joke. The foam, which is supposed to be on the top is now at the bottom and the beer itself is on the top. LOL

And 2ndly, Deviant Art, I remember 2 years back I think, they put a prank, made everyone’s DA ID change into mudkips. OMG. That’s annoying. LOL. This year, CF did it.
You can have a look at the cf forums HERE

Wishing everyone an enjoyable HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY 2010 ver.!!

THE SONY EXPO 2010 @ Mid Valley This Saturday

Here you go, as promised.

Date :: 1st April – 4th April 2010
Venue :: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Time :: 10 am onwards

Here is the updates for the event:

1. Competition will be based on Individual format.

2. Contestant will be challenged by
a) Introduction of yourself on stage
b) Cat Walk with Sony Products
c) We are Sony users too

3. Judging criteria will be based on:
a) Originality of character and details
b) Catwalk in your character and promoting the product skills in creative way.
c) The most shoppers found using Sony products.

4. Competition is opened to all. Please register yourself on that day at 10.00am
Or email to alan@toypicasso.com

5. Entry is FREE…

If you have further questions that you want to ask, do not hesitate to drop by this discussion thread in FACEBOOK :: Cosplay-Fun :: The Sony Event
or visit their website @ Sony Expo 2010 ( Click on Day 3 Schedule )

I will be going of course, hoping to meet friends there, do drop me a message/call if you are attending.
*NOTE :: I have very bad memory, so I cam’t really recognize faces. Please let me know in advance.


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