THE LAST GACC is over . . .

Yeah, it’s over, what’s coming up ?
Ok, before that, let me share some pictures that was taken at GACC. For your information, I cosplayed as Hihara Kazuki from La Corda d’oro for Day 1 GACC. I did not cosplay during day 2. I was a random photographer. LOL.
It’s another Team Himitsu successful group cosplay, but however there are some problems with our costumes. So . . . sighs… can’t do anything about it. Look forward for more. And yeah, I spend some of my savings for the Trumpet! Ahahahaa… not only for cosplay, I really want to learn it. So I bought it. Ok I’ll stop crapping, I don’t have much time to blog, just want to update friends.

Here goes….
photo credits to the well known hexlord / usagi-san ❤ love all the shots

Team Himitsu :: ver. La Corda d’oro @ GACC 2010

Group cosplayers::

Kahoko Hino :: Cappy Phreakyfish / Aishah
Ryoutarou Tsuchiura :: kogarasumaru / Tan Yee Gim
Aoi Kaji :: WednesdayRaven / Tan Ming Hui
Len Tsukimori :: Shiomaru / Shiomaru no baka
Kazuki Hihara :: me 😀 / potter samLeong
Azuma Yunoki :: Ruth Su / Kagami
Shoko Fuyuumi :: Ryukku K Annie
Keiichi Shimizu :: waninoko yee mun
Kiriya Etou :: Rowan Neoh

Thanks to mika for the pictures XD

Credits to Cikgu for the awesome blast XD

Credits to Anthony aka blur XD

😦 Kogarasumaru went missing >_<

Credits to Amir Yusof / razrig ^^

Want to view more, just check out this LINK to view more in Hexlord’s ALBUM

Nothing much happened lately, sorry I updated so slowly, as I am rushing for deadline for my work. Really really exhausted. And I still need to continue later. *Cries. Ok, I guess that’s all for now. Coming up events is SONY cosplay competition this Saturday @ Mid Valley and also Video Games Live.

Will post up more details later on.


4 thoughts on “THE LAST GACC is over . . .

  1. @Ox – Still learning there 🙂 I don’t really know how to play it. And since I have spent a sum of cash on it, I must not waste. A friend is teaching me how to play, though progress is kinda slow, >_<

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