duuring the weekends

Last weekend was a full weekend for me. How should I say it, hmm…. things just happen at the wrong time. When I thought I finally have more time on my own, shit just happens. So I have listed earlier in my schedule, I have a busy weekend. Was hoping my packed weekend would at least make me get busy and stop thinking of silly stuffs. On Friday, I left office early as I’ve finished my task. Was really really tired and I really really wanted some good sleep. Damn it, whenever I want to do that, people just keep calling in the wrong time. There, my wonderful sleep is gone. And thank you, I spent 6 hours wetting my pillow. How cool is that, and I have even posted earlier, that I was actually getting better. HA!

Not sure what I am thinking during that time, I just couldn’t seem to fall asleep. I had no choice, so I woke up at 5. Did laundry and washed my car. After bathing, I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. Waiting for time to pass. Dinner with Audrey’s family is at 7pm. I just don’t know what I can do until then. Opened up the puzzle that Shio got me for my birthday, and got it done in few minutes. Nothing to surf in the net. And don’t feel like surfing at all. So was actually rolling on the bed, hitting Banana Spongebob 😀

Thought it was going to jam, so I set off at 6.20pm, and reached King Crabs at 6.35. Since no one reached yet, I parked my car and stared at the clouds. Dinner was pretty good, and really happy seeing such a happy family. Audrey’s parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary. Congratulations! Managed to only get a picture with Alicia with her Iphone, it’s really cool phone 🙂 Did not take with Evelyn and Evon. I’m sorry 😦 Shall do it next time. And safe trip back to Canada Evon. I will miss you.

Me and Alicia ^^

After dinner, Audrey followed me home, hangout for a while and I sent her back around 12 + ? Headed home and went to bed. Fell asleep around 3+ ? And woke up at 6 =_=. Got up and prepared for meeting @ Amdec office. Here’s the weird thing that happened. While I was waiting for Wani at KL Sentral in front of the CIMB money changer counter, was sitting there actually. A foreigner was changing money, but suddenly she just turned to me and gave me RM5! WTH!! Do I look that bad until it gives her the impression that I’m a beggar ? Yeah, I posted this in my FB shout out. Oh well, that’s about it that happened. No one came over to stay this week as everyone is busy finishing up their Assignments and project / practice this week. Heading to Malacca on Friday Night.
4 Days till the LAST GACC!!.

I am still under the process of looking for a house. Plan to move away from Sunway, but somehow I feel that I will miss it a lot. Almost 5 years I stayed here, but I DESPERATELY WANT TO MOVE, and I might be changing my phone number as well. My 016 is also no longer in use. Will update friends if there is any changes. Will send out my new number soon if there’s need.

Nothing much to write actually, but will try to write more until my GACC report.

Thanks for Friday Kacee & June. I love you.


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