busy busy busy

One thing that I will always receive when I sign in msn/FB is :: Hey sam, how are you doing, are you ok? Are you feeling better? ( sometimes I don’t know what to reply, sometimes I just don’t know whether I should check any of those sites, log in my MSN )

What can I answer, I’m fine. Things are ok, I guess? Just need more time, but I am not thinking about it anymore. Too many things to do, too many things to settle, too many work to do. Too little time to think, too little rest, too little time to enjoy.

Was really surprised to receive some PM from friends, especially very close ones, thanks for the concern. I will not be able to face you guys if you care for me too much. Yes, “SI AI BIN” Bunny said.
I admit. I am, but I am slowly accepting. So… please never say that ok.

Weather is ok lately, life is more or less the same, bored weekdays. And I am always looking forward to weekends. I wonder what is on this week. Don’t think will be having any enjoyment, will be having loads of meetings on Sunday. Sighs… another week, GONE.

Having terrible headache, or is it not headache. I don’t know what it’s called. The pain starts from the skull, to the neck, to the spine to the backbone. The whole row that connects. And it’s the new thing that affects my sleep now. Can’t seem to find the right angle to sleep, and I end up getting very little rest. TT_TT I want my sleep. Can someone just K.O. me so that I can rest, at least for 4 hours?

All right, stop with all the crapping. Let’s put another checklist for GACC,

  • Arrangements for group which will be heading down with me for GACC on the 19th March.(done)
  • Ordering lens for teammates, and friends who are still waiting for them to come (done)
  • Discussions and costume choice for the event? I can’t make up my mind =_= (done)
  • Packings (nothing done)
  • Fix car (done)
  • 9th, meeting a friend for dinner (done)
  • 13th, Audrey’s parents anniversary dinner
  • 14th, CF meeting
  • 15th, meeting with someone…
  • 19th, driving down to malacca
  • 20th-21th GACC at Malacca
  • 22nd, work resumes
  • End of the month, try to go back to Ipoh, as I have things need to be settled

Time is very tight, very little time to prepare. Hope everything goes on smoothly ~

posting some recent photos…

Taken at CIB event. Went as an observer.
Cosplaying casual with normal clothes and a wig.

hidden ^^

me and the sisters , Arisa is missing

wait for my GACC update. Sorry not much pictures to share. Take care everyone.

The 2nd largest ACG event in Malaysia held by MMU Malacca Campus.
Click on the image below to go to their website.



6 thoughts on “busy busy busy

  1. It’s called stressed. And sit for too long. Stand up and stretch a bit la. Later become turtle then u know. XDDDDD -shot- It shouldn’t be anything serious. Maybe it’s just your blood circulation teruk now. A bit of massaging and guat sar should help. Come, I guat sar for you. 8DDDD -holds up spoon and tiger balm-

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