Hello everyone, how’s life?
Feel like a very different person lately. As if I am switching personalities everyday. Everyday, different emotion, different mood. Different post. “How Cool Is That?”

Haven’t been sleeping properly lately, I feel like an alien now. Haha!

How am I?

So far I have not gone to the very insane stage yet, I think?, but I’ve went to stages where I really feel like jumping off a building, or just crash on something and leave. OK! I’ll stop with all this foolish talk. I’m fine. Really. And I am not crying anymore. Thank you June, Kacee, Lou Poh Pui San, Neo, Wani, Shio and all who have been through together with me. Thanks for scolding me. Thank you Audrey for the long letter, I appreciate it very much, and thanks for treating me part of your family Evelyn.

Work is as busy as usual, taking a short break to update as I felt like writing. Found a place, I will be moving soon. So, have to say Goodbye Sunway. Will no longer be staying there. Will update you once I’ve confirmed my new place. Once a while, we should change place, haha, although it brings back a lot of good and bad memories, but yeah. I’ve decided, sooner or later I still have to face it one day.

Gotta go get busy, will write again if I have time.

The 2nd largest ACG event in Malaysia held by MMU Malacca Campus.
Click on the image below to go to their website.



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