some facts about what I found out today

Words can’t really show how a person feels, it’s the same size, height, width. So even though I am typing hahahahahahahaha, I might be lying. LOL.

Yesterday’s sleep was quite ok, compared to 4 days ago, just that it’s a little different. From staring at the ceiling for the whole night to waking up ever 1 or 2 hours. LOL. And er… I got quite a lot of stuffs done last night which ease a little. And I just got my car fixed today which killed my money away again. I am so damn broke nowadays. Really should work harder to get more extra income so that I could survive better and live a better life.

So… I’ve been changing songs almost every few days. I dunno, just felt like doing that, and I also linked the old / previous songs that I’ve put in previously. So whoever wishes to get them, feel free to click on the link and download them. Countdown around 10 more days to GACC. Still not much stuff done, but am glad that there’s a little progress.

Friends, if I owe you anything, please please please remind me. My memory is very bad.
*something funny happened this morning
When I came out of my room, CC asked. Dapat tidur ka?
And I was like BUHHHH? Ah… a little ( in a deep deep voice ) hahahahahaha… I find it funny. Ok.

Forgot to comb my hair before I go to work today.
Wore a shirt that I have never worn since last year June.
Forgot to wear contacts.
Left my hard disk on the bed.
Bought out used CD, I wanted empty CD-R!!!

And I have a feeling that I have promised someone something, but I don’t know what it is. Anything on my schedule today ah? *Scratches head.

Just got back from watching movie. Watched Confucius and also 72 tenant something something, I like the first movie, Confucius, met David’s wife and little Keith, but they don’t recognize me it seems :D, was a very touching movie. I like it very much. But the 2nd movie was supposed to be funny, that’s what I heard, from the feedback, but er. . . I don’t find it funny. Ugh… It’s been such a long time since I did this, brings back memories. Gotta go rest, Good night friends.

Thanks friends for the hits on my blog. Number of people viewing it seem to increase rapidly. I am sorry to make everyone worry. In fact, I don’t mind you come talk / scold me. I really should wake up. I’m lost. Please guide me…..


4 thoughts on “some facts about what I found out today

  1. i’ll comne over if i’m free.. will let u know in advance. i’ll try to make it weekdays.. 🙂 because if thr’s ppl filling up ur weekends, i” fill up weekdays..

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