low battery…

Battery turning negative soon… It’s been like this for 4 days in a row. Tossed and turned in bed, closing my eyes trying to get some rest. Mind is empty, not doing anything. Laying there like a corpse. LOL. Just couldn’t sleep. And I only get to fall into slumber 1 or 2 hours before the time I should wake up.

And ring…* alarm rings.
Wakes up and prepares myself for work. Drive soullessly to work and show colleagues my DEAD FACE.
Numb on the right side of my brain is signalling more and more often. I felt very dizzy while I was trying to sleep last night. Kacee n June said I should visit Mr D. I guess I should, after I settle all my tasks. Maybe end of the month.

Schedule is very tight. Let’s list out…

  • Arrangements for group which will be heading down with me for GACC on the 19th March.
  • Ordering lens for teammates, and friends who are still waiting for them to come
  • Discussions and costume choice for the event? I can’t make up my mind =_=
  • Packings
  • Fix car
  • 9th, meeting a friend for dinner
  • 13th, Audrey’s parents anniversary dinner
  • 14th, CF meeting
  • 15th, meeting with someone…
  • 19th, driving down to malacca
  • 20th-21th GACC at Malacca
  • 22nd, work resumes
  • End of the month, try to go back to Ipoh, as I have things need to be settled

And a lot more actually , I left my notebook at home. My memories are fading slowly, can’t remember things. Getting worse it seems. Hope everything would be done as planned. Will keep updating.

So who is going? The last GACC @ MMU Malacca
See you guys there 🙂


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