I love weekends

Yeah, I love weekends. Sometimes when I start Monday, I always tell myself weekend is just around the corner, so survive for weekend ok. Weekend is the only time that I have a little company. Thanks Aster, Angie, Arisa, Shio, Wani and Allen for always being here with me, asking what is going on, accompanying me.

Sighs…. after tomorrow, it’s Monday again, but I am looking forward to next week. SO YEAH! Let’s work hard together!


Kacee, don’t be sad, cos Kent is just going off for 1 month plus, and June will be visiting us soon. Can’t wait.
Bunny, nice seeing you again. Hope you enjoy your trip down this time.
Audrey, mana lu ?
Evelyn, thanks a lot for messaging me every morning, and sorry for making you worry.
KahMun, thanks for texting me, I am not famous, please never say that. Hope life in uni is not tough for you. Stay tough and all the best. 🙂
and Lastly SW, All the best for your future undertakings. Thanks for all the souvenirs and gifts. Stay strong.

Good night everyone ~

SMILING FOR wani’s sake


5 thoughts on “I love weekends

  1. I’m here le. Just got to KL yesterday and was out whole day with feli. Line in Perak sucks. See ya soon ya? -chuu chuu-

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